A Burning Passion Turned Into A Business

In these austere times Joanne found the opportunity to turn her lifelong passion to run her own art  business into a reality which she launched in June this year.  Her inspiration to paint comes from childhood memories of mountains and beautiful scenery she encountered through her travels and living experiences in Europe. Berkshire is Joanne’s birth place and where  she currently lives. Painting Berkshire scenes enables her to recapture those uplifting feelings of long ago.

 Another income strand is to undertake commissions of all breeds of pet dogs.

 Joanne graduated from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 2005 with BA Hons in Fine Art. In the interim she worked as a PA/administrator and she volunteers in her local art community. A percentage of her sales is donated  to her chosen charity the Air Ambulance in Berkshire.

 Bringing art to the local community through volunteering with The Cultural Partnership in Wokingham and subsequently setting up her business has enriched her life.

 Sometime ago a work colleague bought Joanne her first set of Windsor and Newton art materials and told her to  “do something with it”.

 Recently a member of the team at Dinton Pastures commented “your work looks light and airy – a touch of Hockney”

Joanne’s  body of work is exhibiting at St Joseph’s School in Woodley on October 26th.  It can also be found on her print-on -demand website joannesberkshirescenes.artistwebsites.comImage


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