Student robbers cause chaos for film

Art school was one of the most important and fun times of my life. Not only did I learn a lot about the craft that is now becoming my career, but I also had many memorable experiences and adventures that made my time at school unforgettable.

One such story I’d like to share with you took place on a taster day where we were learning the basics of film making. Our teacher warned us not to imitate a group of students in the year above – it turned out that the previous year these students had actually gone and tried to make an authentic film all about robbery. To get their footage, they donned balaclavas then ran into the local post office and began taking photographs! Staff at the post office rightly began chasing them away, asking what on Earth they thought they were doing. Not content with upsetting the daily routine at the post office, this renegade group of students then proceeded to make their way to the nearby army barracks where they rolled around outside the gates. To make matters worse, they brandished fake weapons right in front of the guards themselves before taking off and vanishing. The guards accordingly raised the alarm, which resulted in a helicopter being dispatched. This helicopter then spent the following several hours searching throughout Surrey for these wayward students, who unbeknownst to everyone conducting the search, were happily dozing off in bed back on their uni campus, blissfully unaware of the chaos that their actions had caused.  

As you can probably tell, the rest of our taster day was not quite as eventful as that of the wayward students, but it was certainly enjoyable nonetheless. Despite what they did, you certainly have to admire their guts!


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