A trip to London


After enjoying Christmas and Boxing Day, I decided to make a visit to Harrods, one of my favourite stores, on the 27th December. The post-Christmas sales were on and just as I expected, the store was pretty hectic! I couldn’t believe just how packed it was – not long after setting foot in the store, I found myself being swept along the beauty halls and before I knew it I ended up in the food halls without knowing exactly how I’d got there! Before I knew what I was doing, a store assistant started ushering me over to a stool and suddenly thrust a menu in my hand. Despite being unexpectedly rushed about, I managed to enjoy the rest of my day there at my own pace for once. I headed for the art gallery and was looking forward to seeing the pet department – a personal favourite of mine – though when I got there I found out it was being remodelled, much to my disappointment. I still really enjoyed my day, but the next time I go I’ll be better prepared for the crowds!

I find London such a fascinating place. It’s a city buzzing with creativity, diversity and energy. There’s so much going on wherever you go and there’s so much to do it’s impossible to stand still. I really love it at night when all the bright lights transform the city into something completely different. It’s true what they say, it really does come alive at night. I hope to live there one day and would love to get lost in the hustle and bustle of city life. There really is no place at all like London!


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