Labrador dogs

Hi everyone! This week I thought I’d tell you about my favourite breed of dog, Labradors. Of all the different breeds of dog, Labradors are the most special to me. I just love everything about them. I can’t resist stroking and kissing their soft, velvety ears. When I’m stroking their ears, they slowly start closing their eyes and look really relaxed! I love how friendly they are – you can go up to any Labrador and they will show you their love. They have a really soft nature as well. Sometimes they have a sad look on their face, which does look very cute, but I like to think they’re happy deep inside.

I love how every Labrador is different. Some are very friendly and will try to get your attention and affection, while others may be a bit shyer. No matter what their personality is, they are all very loyal to their owners. If I’m out and about and I see a Labrador, it’s the highlight of my trip. I always enjoy meeting them and speaking with their owners to find out a bit more about them.

Are you a big fan of Labradors? What’s your favourite breed of dog?



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