The Dragonfly Café at Dinton Pastures

Dinton Pastures Country Park is located roughly halfway between Reading and Wokingham. This sprawling country park has over 335 acres, with numerous lakes, rivers and meadows throughout. It’s open all year and receives hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. It’s especially popular with nature enthusiasts as it’s a wildlife haven, with swans, gulls, mallards and nightingales just some of the many animals that call this park home. What’s quite remarkable about this park is that it’s home to 18 out of 42 species of dragonfly present in Britain. There are three public bird hides, which let you watch waterfowl in secret. It’s a great day out for anyone who loves being in the great outdoors, enjoying scenic sights and watching undisturbed wildlife.

Also in the park is the Hurst Golf Course, a nine-hole course that attracts many avid golfers. There’s a nice café called the Dragonfly Café, which is a great place to grab a light snack when you want to take a break from exploring the park.

The Dragonfly Café is going to be holding an art exhibition of my works from May 1st to June 31st. I’ll release more details about my exhibition soon.

White Swan Lake Dinton Pastures


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