Ways to Save Money on Art Supplies

painting supplies

Hi everyone! I though this week I’d share some tips on saving money on art supplies. I love getting a bargain and saving a couple of quid whenever I can. Saving money whenever I can means I have more money to spend on quality paper and paints – things which I need and can be quite expensive. It’s definitely worth saving a bit here and there and splashing out on something you know is good and will last.

Clearance days are always a great opportunity to find a few great bargains. You can find lots of brand new items at greatly reduced prices. I love stocking up on things like brushes, putty rubbers and plastic paint palettes. One of the good things about the Internet is that many shops have sites which also have clearance days, so you can grab a few bargains without having to leave home!

Another good way of saving money is to hang around university art departments close to the end of the academic year. You wouldn’t believe how much stuff gets left behind! From tool boxes and brushes, to paints and canvases…the list goes on and on! After my graduation, there was a massive pile of supplies that students had left behind on the mezzanine right above my studio. The students had either given up on a creative career and didn’t need their art supplies any more, or they simply couldn’t be bothered to take them home with them. I couldn’t resist going through the stuff and finding some quality art supplies. I only wish the students had left more things behind!


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