A scatter-brained moment

Have you ever had a scatter-brained moment when you just forget something and chaos ensues? That happened to me once a few years ago when I was travelling to visit family. I’d had a long day at work and I had just got off the bus back home when it hit me that I’d left my bag on the bus! It had everything in it – plane ticket, passport, money, you name it, it was in my bag! As soon as I realised what I’d done I panicked, got in my car and actually manage to find the bus and follow it along its route back to the bus station. I bet many people can’t say they’ve done that before! Once I was at the bus station the staff showed me the lost property room, which, to my horror, was crammed with black plastic bags full of people’s lost possessions. My bag had to be there somewhere! So how long did I spend rooting through these bags? An hour. Yes, it took me a whole hour to find my bag and luckily it still had everything in it. Believe me, I would have spent all night looking through those plastic bags to find my bag. By the time I eventually got home it was 11pm – and to think I was planning on having an early night!

As I went to sleep, I thought everything was going to run smoothly…but I was proven wrong the next morning when I was checking in and couldn’t find my plane ticket. For some reason I remembered seeing it on the dashboard of my car – I had to ring my mum on the nearest payphone using the only pound I had left. And would you believe it, the phone ran out of credit just as we were discussing how I was going to make this flight. Thankfully the man behind the ticket desk heard my entire conversation and was able to reprint my boarding ticket. I got my flight – which, before you ask, wasn’t delayed – and was relieved to see my parents on the other side. Travelling never goes smoothly! Have you ever had any similar experiences?


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