A trip to Southall

Last Saturday me and a friend visited Southall. We wanted to be able to learn about a lot of different cultures. Wandering around the streets, you can soak up a lot of knowledge and appreciation of different cultures, including Indian and Arabian. I love places like this because they showcase different lifestyles and offer a glimpse into ways that people from different parts of the world live. Having my eyes opened to different customs and cultures around the world is always a very enjoyable and enriching experience.

A few years ago I’d bought myself a lovely kaftan when I was abroad. It was perfect because it kept me protected from the sun and it looked really nice as well. When I was in Southall I saw loads of different kaftans – they had them in all sorts of different styles and colours. I was really tempted to buy one, especially because they’re quite expensive on the high street and they were a lot cheaper in the Southall markets. I ended up buying a few different ones to add to my collection!

On Saturday evening me and my friend decided to try one of the local restaurants. I’d never really tried much Arabian cuisine before, but I really enjoyed our meal. Everything tasted delicious and it was great trying some new food. Eating out in new restaurants is definitely something I want to do more often in the future. I’m becoming more adventurous when it comes to exploring new types of food.

One of the things I love about Britain is that it is really multicultural in places. There’s a great diversity of people living in this country and that makes it very unique, exciting and fascinating. I hope to explore many more places like Southall that will allow me to sample a different country’s culture. It’s great having so much diversity right on your doorstep!

What cultures do you enjoy learning about? Are there places like Southall that you enjoy visiting?



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