How I see landscapes

One of the things I love most about being an artist is being able to see the world in a different way. As a landscape artist, I spend a lot of time observing and appreciating all the finer details of a landscape so I can capture everything about it in a painting. I’ve learned how to appreciate a landscape as a whole; I see how all the different colours and contours come together to form beautiful landscapes. I concentrate on perspective and how to translate the landscape before me on to a 2D canvas, while still accurately representing it. Non-artists tend to view landscapes as loads of different things put together. They see all the different objects that make up the landscape one at a time, but as an artist, I have to see it as a whole so I can create a cohesive painting.

When I was a young teenager I began to draw with my eyes. In other words, I looked at an object and would trace its contours with my eyes. I still do it to this day and can sometimes get lost in it – sometimes I can spend over half an hour tracing contours with my eyes, just going back and forth over the lines! It’s something that I find relaxing and it helps me see how everything fits together. Doing this helps me a lot because observing the way a landscape is formed improves my drawing skills. Going over the contours with my eyes and recreating that on a canvas both help improve my hand and eye coordination.

I wouldn’t be able to create landscape paintings if I didn’t see the world this way. Appreciating the finer details makes me able to accurately recreate landscapes on canvases. If you’re having trouble painting landscapes, simply try going over all the contours and colours in your mind. See how it all fits together – landscapes are really a complete jigsaw. You have to work out what all the different pieces are and rearrange them in your painting.



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