How to correctly pack your artwork for shipping

Hello everyone! This week I thought I’d give a few hints about packing artwork for shipping. Knowing what supplies to have and having them in stock can really speed up the packing process, which can take a while if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you want to pack your artwork in a safe and secure way to protect it against any damage, you’ll need the following:

–          A roll of bubble wrap with large bubbles

–          Polystyrene chips

–          Cardboard corners

–          Parcel / duct tape

–          Medium-sized and large-sized boxes

To pack your artwork for shipping, simply put cardboard corners across all four corners of the painting. Then wrap the whole painting in bubble wrap. After you’ve done that, place the painting in a medium-sized box, then place that box into a larger box. Use polystyrene chips to fill any gaps between the two boxes and use strong parcel / duct tape to seal the box up.

If you only have one box, don’t worry, you can still pack your artwork safely and securely. Once you’ve placed the cardboard corners over all four corners of your painting, wrap the whole painting with bubble wrap three times.  Get your box and fill about a third of the way up with polystyrene chips. Then carefully put the painting in and fill the rest of the box up with polystyrene chips. After this all you have to do is seal the box with strong parcel / duct tape.

So packing your artwork can be quite simple and shouldn’t pose any problems as long as your painting is securely packed away. Do you know any other ways of packing your artwork away for shipping?


550_wrapping-masking-tape2 (1)


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