Opportunity knocks

It’s funny how an opportunity can arise out of something very random and not really connected with anything important. This happened to me once – I was going for an interview for a part-time job. One of the interviewers asked me what my hobbies were and I told him I was really into landscape painting. I just happened to have a few of my paintings on my phone, so I showed the interviewers and they loved them! It was nice to get a bit of appreciation in the most unlikely of situations. One of the interviewers told me he knew the owners of a local art gallery and that they sold a lot of artwork similar to mine. Before I knew it, I found myself submitting my artwork to them and – it got accepted! This eventually led to me being able to launching my offline art career. Again, it’s great how opportunities like this can arise. I thought the interview would be all doom and gloom, but it made my day! You never know when great things are going to happen!



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