Paying homage to a creative space

To me my creative space has always been very important to me. It’s my special little area where I can get in the zone and produce good work in peace. It’s the one area of the house I won’t change unless I absolutely have to.

The other week I found myself moving my creative space to a different room in my house. After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead with the move, even though I knew I’d feel a bit iffy about the whole thing.

So I got started. I cleaned up all the rubbish and sorted and organised everything. I moved everything into my new creative space and I felt quite sad that I was leaving the old space behind. My new creative space is only in the next room along, but when you’re used to an area being the same for so long, sometimes it’s hard to see it change.

I know it’s only moving stuff from one room to another, but it does feel like I’m starting a new chapter. In fact it feels like I’m moving into a new house! In the photo you can see some paints and other supplies I left in the corner of the old room for the time being. I’ve also left a box of uni memorabilia there. I can’t wait to spend a good few hours rooting through the box, rediscovering fond memories from my time at uni.

As for my new creative space, it’s a bit smaller than the old one, but I like to think of it as more cosy and intimate. I’ve always worked in larger, more open spaces, so working in a smaller space will be exciting and different. I’m still going to be working on canvas and paper, but I’m not going to be experimenting with loads of different surfaces like I did in the older space.

I’m excited to start getting to work my new creative space. I’m going to miss working in the old space, but change is always good and you never know what good things can come from make simple changes.



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