5 Things That Can Damage Paintings

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a good Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I thought for my last blog post of 2014 I’d talk about different things that can damage paintings. Here’s a brief guide to things you should look out for and how to prevent them damaging your paintings:

  1. Sunlight

The radiation from UV rays in sunlight can cause the colours on a canvas painting to fade. You might think this is a long-term effect, but it can actually happen quite quickly. Keep your painting out of direct contact with sunlight. Artificial lights can also cause damage over time, so be sure to keep your painting well away from artificial lights.

  1. Temperature

Paintings should be stored at room temperature and the temperature should be kept constant. You should keep your paintings away from sources of heat, such as radiators and fireplaces.

  1. Moisture and damp

Water from moisture and damp can cause lasting damage to paintings. Keep your paintings in a room that has good air circulation and use a humidifier to keep the room’s humidity under control. Avoid storing your paintings near anywhere that has damp – check the walls and floors of your storage room before putting your paintings there.

  1. Household pests

Even the smallest of household pests, such as tiny insects, can damage paintings. One of the problems is that these pests like the dark, quiet and dry areas that are good for storing artworks. Make sure the room is as pest-free as it can be; keep all food out and check for pests and damage regularly.

  1. Contaminants

A lot of domestic products, especially aerosols, can damage paintings. You might be surprised to know that even handling paintings with your bare hands can cause them some damage. Always wear gloves when handling artworks and avoid using aerosols or any similar products in the room where your paintings are stored.

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Painting_damaged_by_fire (1)


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