Making your art unique

Art is subjective and there’s no definitive answer to the question ‘what makes art unique?’ Every artist has their own style and creates their art in their own particular way, but there’s not set list of things you have to do to make your art unique.

Making your art unique can help you in two ways: first, it can expand your creative horizons and keep art exciting and interesting. Have a think to yourself about the art you’ve created so far and ask yourself whether you truly think it’s different from what others are doing? Is there something you can definitely say is unique to your work? Art is about expressing yourself, but it can also be about self-discovery and trying new things. If you look at your artwork and you think it’s quite similar to what others are doing, think about how you can put a twist on it.

You might have painted a well-known landscape that many others have painted. Take the White Cliffs of Dover, for example. The cliffs are a well-known landmark and have appeared in a lot of paintings. Have a look at these paintings – try Google, for example – and have a quick glance over the paintings. See which ones catch your attention and ask yourself why. A lot of landscapes of famous landmarks tend to be painted in summery weather. Why not paint a landmark in the snow? If lots of the paintings don’t include people or animals, include people and animals. If lots of artists have painted a landmark from a particular angle, try a different one. These are just some ideas of how you can think outside the box. Art is much more fun and rewarding when you start exploring new ideas and pushing your creativity to its limit.

The second way making your art unique can help you is that it can help your art business. Like I said before, the market is very crowded and there’s a constant influx of artists trying to make it. If you can find some niche – something that sets you apart from the crowd – and market it well enough, you could be on to a winner. There’s no guarantee that other people will find your art unique, but it’s definitely worth trying. People take more interest in something that’s different. Stand out from the crowd in your art and people should pay more attention to your work. The people who appreciate uniqueness the most are the ones who a really into art and know their subject matter. If you can carve a niche for yourself and market this to people who are in the know, you’ve got the ball rolling.

When it comes to marketing your art, you have to sell yourself as much as your art. Once you’ve come up with your nice, that special something that makes your art unique and sets you apart from the competition, bring this up in all your marketing. Be sure to let people know that this is your art and there’s something unique about it. Show people what’s unique and tell them what’s unique. You have a unique selling point and by focusing your marketing around that, you should give people more of a reason to buy into you and your art.

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