What’s your creative inspiration?

Artsy Shark has asked a number of artists what their creative inspiration is. What drives them to spend their time creating art? Why do they get joy out of being creative? When they’re in the creative spirit, what do they think about to push them forward and realise their full potential as artists?

One of the artists Artsy Shark questioned was Joanne Perkins, a landscape artist from Berkshire. When asked about her creative inspiration, Joanne explained how she had lived a somewhat nomadic childhood travelling throughout Europe. She visited and saw lots of different places, many of which she found interesting, captivating and inspiring. Seeing these places inspired her to paint and continues to do so to this day. While she specialises in painting scenes from around Berkshire, she always recalls her childhood journeys whenever she paints. Part of her creative process involves reflecting on those inspirational journeys throughout Europe. Not only does Joanne capture the Berkshire scenery in a unique and thoughtful way, but she also infuses her work with feelings inspired by her childhood travels.

Joanne loves exploring Berkshire and finding new places to paint, whether it’s a popular park or somewhere a bit off the beaten path. She manages to make every scene beautiful and captivating; her work has a sort of mystical and dreamlike quality that makes it stand out. She’s able to create inspiring paintings in this way because she always remembers her creative inspiration when she works. Thanks to this, it’s clear that Joanne has found her niche. It’s great to see an artist who keeps their past experiences and memories and close to them at all times. Joanne’s found her winning formula and Artsy Shark looks forward to hearing more about her work in the future.

Here’s the original Artsy Shark article:


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