Wandering around a big city

One of my favourite things to do is wandering around a big city. It’s a favourite pastime of mine because I love discovering new things and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere that big cities have.

London, for example, is full of things to discover. It’s a lively and buzzing city with so much going on and so much to explore. I love visiting London because there’s always something I’ve never seen or done before. There’s always a café I haven’t eaten in, a gallery I haven’t visited or a historic building I’ve never seen. Places like London are great for wandering around because you never know what you’ll end up discovering – every visit is a different experience. While I enjoy exploring the more tourist-friendly side of London, there’s loads more to it – the same goes for any big city. It’s easy to stick to the tourist stuff, but if you wander around and go beyond the tourist attractions, you’ll see there’s a lot more to discover.

I love the nomadic lifestyle so I guess that’s why I enjoy wandering around big cities. There’s something very appealing about taking initiative and doing what you want instead of following the crowd. I do enjoy knowing what I’m going to be doing when I visit a big city like London, but I also enjoy not knowing where I’m going to end up. In a way it’s more fun and exciting because you have no idea where the day will take you.

If you’re used to visiting big cities and hitting the tourist attractions, why not take a different approach? Do a bit of exploring and see what you can find off the beaten path. Be adventurous and discover a new side to the city you’re in.

Off the beaten path in London

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