4 Ways To Find Inspiration In Others

If you’re looking to feel inspired, a great way to find inspiration is to look to other people. Every person has stories to tell and these stories can help you feel inspired. Here are 4 ways to find inspiration in others:

  1. Relive memories

Take a trip down memory lane with a family member or friend. Talk about shared experiences you’re both deeply fond of. Reliving memories is a great way of finding inspiration – of course, you can remember these experiences yourself, but it’s even better talking about them with whoever you shared them with. It’s important to keep these past experiences close to you, not just for inspiration, but because they help keep you grounded and remind you of what you’ve done throughout your life. Family and friends are a great source of inspiration because they’ve been through a lot of experiences that you have. Many people don’t think to turn to their family and friends for inspiration, but family and friends can in fact be a great source of inspiration that’s right there waiting for you.

  1. See the world through children’s eyes

Children are a lot more fascinated by the world than adults because it’s all new to them. As you grow up and experience more and more of life, you lose that childlike vision. Many adults find it hard to see the world through the eyes of a child. Spend time with children – if you have some of your own, take some time to play games with learn and try to see the world as they see it. If you don’t have any of your own, spend time with your friends’ children or children in your family. Watch how they play and learn about the world around them. Even babies can be a source of inspiration because they’ve got the most to learn about the world around them. The young have a very innocent and carefree way of looking at the world. Regaining this vision can help you see the world in a new way, which can help you feel inspired.

  1. Engage in small talk

Most people on public transport don’t talk to one another. There are lots of cases where people could strike up a friendly conversation with each other, but they just don’t. Most people simply can’t be bothered making small talk for two reasons: the first is that they might never see that person again; the second is that any conversation might not last that long because one of you has to leave to get somewhere else. The next time you’re out and about, start up a conversation with someone. Even if it’s about something completely mundane, like the weather, you’re doing something out of your comfort zone and you never know where the conversation may lead. You might end up making new friends this way. Small talk can be inspirational because you can learn new things from new people you don’t usually speak to.

  1. Read autobiographies

Many people write autobiographies in order to inspire and help other people. If you’re looking for inspiration, think of someone who has been in a similar position. If you’re a struggling artist, for example, find a famous artist who was once in your shoes but has now made a success of themselves. Read their autobiography and see how they did it. Autobiographies tend to delve into how much the person has struggled to overcome obstacles and get where they are today. They’re a great source of inspiration because you read them and think to yourself, if this person can get through this to become successful, so can I.

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