Ever thought of joining a plein air painting group?

I’ve really enjoyed the good weather we’ve been having recently. In fact, I think everyone would say it’s been excellent weather! It’s a lovely treat when it’s nice and hot and you don’t have to put a coat on to go outside.

Summer days like the ones we’re experiencing now are perfect for plein air painting.  If you’ve done some travelling about recently, you might have noticed artists getting out there and basking in the sun while working on a painting. Plein air painting is a wonderful hobby and it’s even better on a nice, hot summer’s day.

Painting outdoors doesn’t have to be alone. Have you ever thought of joining a plein air painting group? Go online and do some research – there are lots of societies and groups that you can join. Sometimes you can meet up at a set place at a set time to paint with others; sometimes there are dedicated trips where you go away for a few days or even longer and you spend most of your time painting.

Throw yourself into an exciting new hobby and join a plein air painting group. Have a look online and see if there are any groups near you that you can join. Get out there, explore the world around you and have fun painting it!

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