Diary of an Artist: My Story Part Three

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to share with you Diary of an Artist: My Story Part 3. Here goes!

Uni was a whirlwind. It was the beginning of an exciting new chapter, yet it seemed like it finished just as it was getting started.

I eventually moved to Farnham. My work situation wasn’t exactly promising: there were no good opportunities for art-based work, or any sort of work in general. After a year or so, I was out of there!

There didn’t seem to be anything on the horizon. I sold my home and decided to save the money to buy a house with later on in the future. My family were a bit concerned about me moving around a lot. They kept asking if I wanted any stability, but I just told them my home was wherever I lived, simple as that.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life tied down to any one particular place. The one thing I wanted more than anything else was to be exploring the world, not moving around places I was already familiar with.

My belongings meant less and less to me, so I gradually got rid of most of them, holding on to only a few. All I could think about was being an artist, yet nothing was happening. I thought going to uni would help, but there was still a piece missing. I had the qualifications, what else did I need?

The answer to that question was something I just couldn’t work out. I had the motivation, the passion and the certificates, so why wasn’t I working as an artist? I started to feel down because I wasn’t where I thought I would be. My negativity started to affect those close to me, which I felt bad about. It was like I was on a slippery slope, when really I should have been scaling the career ladder.

People from my course were succeeding in their different fields. I wasn’t succeeding in mine. This made me feel pretty down and disappointed in myself.

You know when you just feel like nothing’s going right? That’s how I was feeling. I had put in time and effort, but they weren’t paying off.

What do you do when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? You make your own light to help you find the way out. For me my light was thinking about how much I would enjoy being a full-time artist. I thought about how much I enjoyed art and how, above everything else, it was definitely my greatest love. It had been a huge part of my life and always would be because I loved it so much.

It was now eight years since graduation and I still wasn’t there. Everything I tried failed miserably. Something had to give.

I was stuck in some temporary job as a PA. One day I pushed myself and did some searching on the Internet. I came across Maria Brophy’s website and I knew straight away she was going to give me lots of useful help. It was like a gut instinct, one that I had to follow up. It would take another two years or so, but help would come.

I’d Rather Be in the Art Studio by Alison Stanfield was recommended to me and it was a treasure trove of useful information. On Maria Brophy’s website I came across an ad for some art business institute and clicked on it. I ended up coming across an ad for a business consultation at this art business institute– at first I thought it might be another scam, so I was hesitant to get in touch. Was it a scam? I couldn’t tell whether it was or not. I deliberated for a week before deciding to go for it and get in touch.

And I was in luck. The people I spoke to completely understood my situation and offered lots of great advice. After a Skype call that lasted just an hour, my art business was born and I haven’t looked back since!

I became a sponge, absorbing all of this new information in. I started learning all about branding, marketing, social media…you name it! I started getting involved in the local art community and really began spreading my wings, so to speak.

That Skype call gave me the kick I’d needed for so long. I was fired up and ready to go. I was determined to put 110% commitment to my art business.

Why landscapes? It’s simple: I’ve grown up loving them, the way they change and the way they make you feel free. They’re beautiful, picturesque, captivating, enchanting, haunting and eternal.

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