Diary of an Artist: Inspiration Behind Mini Meadow at Ashenbury Park

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to share with you Diary of an Artist: Inspiration Behind Mini Meadow At Ashenbury Park. This week I’ll be talking about a time when I discovered something new to paint and a new approach to painting both in the same day.

As you know, I’m really passionate about beautiful landscapes – they’re my favourite subject matter and I love feeling inspired by them. A few years ago, instead of admiring large, open landscapes, I learned to appreciate smaller mini meadows.

I was at Woodfork Park in Woodley, a suburb of Reading in Berkshire. I noticed a beautiful floral display in an S shape and found it quite captivating. It was April and the flowers were in full bloom. I’d seen the display before, but it wasn’t until it was in full bloom that I really appreciated its beauty.

I decided it would be great to paint it. It was like my instincts were telling me I had to paint it. However for this painting, I decided to take a somewhat different approach. I crouched down and got a different perspective of the flowers. I took some photos looking up at the display, rather than across or down on it like I was used to.

The finished painting, Woodland Park, is one I particularly like because it’s a new subject matter and it’s taken from a new angle. Over the past few months I’ve found a few more mini meadows to paint. Once you find a new subject matter, you realise there’s so much more out there waiting to be painted!

Ashenbury Park is near where I am and it’s one of the nicest parks I’ve been to recently. I’d definitely recommend it for a great day out.

So that’s how I came to find a new subject matter and a new approach to painting.

My next video will be a works-in-progress video of my Ashenbury Park painting. I’ll be showing you how I create the painting, while trying to capture the beauty of the mini meadow.

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