Diary of an Artist: How I Create Mini Meadows

Good morning everyone!

In today’s vlog I’m going to share with you how I created my painting of the mini meadow at Ashenbury Park.

First of all, I think about which pastel shades would work well together to make the painting tranquil and beautiful. Once I’ve decided which ones to go for, it’s time to work on the painting itself.

While painting I imagine my customers sitting under the finished painting, relaxing with a book and a cup of coffee. I use that image to help me create the painting and add more touches to it.

For this Ashenbury Park painting, I wanted to create something that would go well with my homeware products, such as my shower curtains, throw pillows and duvet covers.

After sketching out the flowers, I start painting. The colours I’ve chosen for the sky are cobalt blue and titanium white.

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pic 5 - ashenbury park


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