Diary of an Artist: How I Create Mini Meadows Final Part

Good morning everybody and welcome to Diary of an Artist: How I Create Mini Meadows, the last in my vlog series about creating mini meadows.

Watch this video and you’ll see me putting the finishing touches to my painting. I’ll be focusing on adding details to the grasses and flowers. Let’s get started then!

You’ll see I use a blue/green colour for the grasses and flowers. To make this colour, I mix titanium white with ultramarine blue, cadmium white and raw sienna. I give extra detail to the grasses and flower stems because I want them to stand out from the blue/green background I’ve created. To create the colour of the background, I mixed blue/green with loads of different shades of green. Meadows are usually made up of greens and browns but I haven’t added any browns. This is because I don’t want my painting to appear dull and dark, which can happen when you add brown into the mix.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all my followers for watching my videos and supporting my work so far.

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