3 Artists Who Inspire Me

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m going to talk about three artists who have influenced me and my career as an artist. Before I went to uni, I wasn’t really inspired by any artists, even though I read up on them quite a lot. It wasn’t until I started uni and had to research different artists in-depth for assignments that I really started to feel inspired by all these creative people.

The first is Andy Warhol. I knew he was the one behind the famous cans of soup painting. Even though I didn’t consider this particular piece art, I still wanted to understand more about him and how he came to achieve what he did. I read that he started off as a shoe designer for fashion magazines and that he’d roam the streets of New York looking for customers. When the pop art movement began, he capitalised on that, completely changing his artistic direction. He went on to establish his own business, something which inspired me to do the same. He also introduced me to silk screen painting, something which I enjoyed doing in my second year at uni but haven’t been able to continue doing since because the equipment’s too expensive.

The second artist is Frida Kahlo. When she was a schoolgirl she was involved in a bus accident and spent the rest of her life dealing with pain and health problems, not to mention various operations. As a child she had polio and one of her legs was noticeably thinner than the other one, which she hid by wearing long skirts. She got married, but her husband cheated on her repeatedly, even with her own sister. She didn’t leave him, but instead had an affair with another woman to get back at him. Her husband, however, continued cheating on her. She took the physical and mental pain she was so used to experiencing and channelled them into creating autobiographical works of art. One of the most fascinating things about her is that she’d never had a drawing or painting lesson, yet she went on to create art that had a lasting impact. She was the first to create autobiographical works of art and she paved the way for artists such as Tracy Enim in the 1990s.

The last artist I’m going to talk about today is Vincent Van Gogh. I don’t really know too much about his life and I’m not sure whether he was a trained artist or not, though I do know that he suffered from depression. Back in those days, it wasn’t a recognised illness. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t actually cut off his own ear. One thing he did do was eat his own paints, which were lead-based, in an attempt to kill himself because of his severe depression. The thing I admire most about him is that he developed his own unique style, which was completely different to what everyone else was doing at the time. Because of his style, he had a lasting effect on art history.

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