5 Steps On How A Painting Is Created

Have you ever looked at an artist’s work and wondered how they arrived at the finished product? Did they photograph their subject first then paint? Or did they take pictures of beautiful work?
I am going to share with you the process that I followed in creating the 16 paintings on my website.

1) Over a period of two months, I scoured the countryside for large enough scenes, which were either bland, (so I could them pretty up), or already pleasing to the eye, that could be painted from different perspectives.

2) To get that shot, I risked getting scratched by brambles, blown away by the wind, rained on, or run over by passing cars. All in the name of Art. I used the camera on my phone to take the photographs.

3) When I got home five of the most inspiring pictures to work with were selected . I tend to work on several paintings at the same time, as do numerous artists, because it keeps the interest and motivation fresh.

4) The next step was choosing a surface to work on. How to make that decision comes down to the medium being used. My medium is Acrylics therefore I used un primed canvas textured Acrylic paper, which holds the paint in place.

5) After roughly mapping out the perspective on all five surfaces, I started to paint in the details to a certain stage every day so they would all be completed at the same time, using paint brushes of various shapes and sizes.

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