My Creative Process and Experience

Hi Everyone

I want to share with you what goes through my mind and how I feel when I am creating artwork and how listening to certain types of music affects the outcome.

When I am inspired to create a piece of work, I can see the finished product in my mind’s eye, and then I think about the emotion I want to include in that scene, and it always comes back to wanting to create a sense of beauty and tranquility.

As I mentioned earlier music plays a big part in the creative process, before I begin working I choose the music best suited, to aid me in getting into the zone and flow, and stir up emotions of beauty and tranquility.  Yes I do get a feeling when I look at someone or something beautiful. The songs don’t have to be ballads, sometimes it is pop rock  to rap but all of the songs I choose evoke the same emotions of tranquility, which in turn creates a sense of beauty, and that is why they are suitable for listening to during painting.

I draw out the scene in a light pencil and then mix colours for the sky, trees and any buildings that may be in the scene.  I always paint the sky in first, and then move onto the trees, buildings, and grass.   As I continue painting I strive for the image and emotion of the finished painting I feel and see in my mind’s eye.    A third way through I step back and observe the scene and note what needs to be worked on next or adjusted, these are the thoughts that go through my mind from this point until the finished painting.

“oh yeah good it is feeling beautiful and tranquil”, “damn I messed the trees up, they need a different shade of burnt umber and green” “oh god it’s crap! I’ve ruined it, all those hours of painting, and paint i have used, what a waste!” “whoever told me I could paint is mad!” “sshh don’t tell anyone I’m crap” “I am never painting live because they will find out i am a fraud” “whose idea was this to paint miniature buildings and windows aahhhgg!” “oh wait, it was mine!” “All is ok with the world again I turned it around” “yes that is beautiful, I am the business, woop woop!”

It is thoroughly exhausting being an artist sometimes experiencing every emotion in the same day.  I am intrigued to know what you go through when creating artwork or making hand made items, and what are your favourite genre of music to listen to and what emotions do they stir up in you? You don’t need to be an artist to answer this question. Leave a comment below.

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