Across The Water

Hello Everyone

In the last blog I shared my story behind Ferry Cottage and today I am sharing the story behind Across The Water, which I stumbled across at the same time as discovering Ferry Cottage, because it was situated opposite Ferry Cottage on the other side of the Thames.  It took my breath away. The house was set in manicured lawns which was shaded by attractive willow and other types of trees, and I knew it would make a stunning painting.

Let’s start from the beginning.  I searched around for another scene from a different angle or nearby to Cliveden. As I turned away from Ferry Cottage toward the Thames, poking through the trees was a magnificent white house set in manicured lawns, I was really taken in by it’s beauty and elegance and I wondered who the lucky owner was,  and tried to second guess what they did for a living. I inched toward the edge of the bank and tried to poke my camera through the trees, but I couldn’t get a clear shot, I looked for a clearing in the trees and found one. As I teetered on the edge of the bank to point my camera through the gap my foot slipped and I heard earth crumble away under foot, and I nearly fell head first into the Thames.

Panicking I quickly snapped several pictures and hoped I got the shot I wanted. I just wanted to get off the edge of the bank and with one swift manoeuvre I leapt backwards onto the path , safe ground.

Feeling satisfied with my find I made my way up to the main house by following the path up through the gardens which was very steep but. the view from the top of the gardens down over the Thames was stunning and I took numerous pictures of the view.

I had completed what I set out to achieve that day, and  after taking many more pictures of the main house and gardens I decided to  call it a day.

Next week look out for more stories on different scenes I painted at Cliveden House

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