Trindledown Farm In West Berkshire

Hello Everyone

I wanted to share with you a brilliant charity I discovered earlier this year.

First of all I have loved animals since I  was a toddler, where ever I saw animals growing up I wanted to pet and cuddle them

All the animals are O.A.P’s and have ailments just like us in old age and it takes a lot of specialist care to keep them alive as long as possible.  The charity hold regular events at their centre and in the surrounding areas and receive donations from other sources to keep the costs covered and the centre open, and most of the animals are rehomed and we receive updates from the newsletter on how they are doing in their forever home.

Over the years I have searched to volunteer my time caring for animals only to come to a dead end, but this year my dream came true.

One February morning I googled animal charities in Berkshire and  immediately came across The National Animal Welfare Trust in West Berkshire, after reading the info on the type of volunteering available such as  cat cuddling, mucking out farm animals and feeding them, dog walking and keeping them company, this was exactly what I had been after since forever.

I made a call to the centre and arranged an induction for the following day and I opted to stay afterwards and help out.  I arrived in the afternoon and one of the staff  showed me round the centre and introduced me to the staff and animals.   My first job was to pick up donkey poo whilst Noel the white donkey lazed around in his bed and only came out at feeding time where he paced up and down past the gate until he was fed.

Throughout the day I helped staff prepare the farm animals food, prepare hay and muck out the huts of the sheep and goats.  At 3.30pm I helped two staff feed the farm animals whilst the other staff members fed the cats dogs and pigs.

I left the centre at 5:00pm filthy dirty and happy knowing I would be returning the next week and I couldn’t wait.

Well that’s all folks for now watch out for the next installment next week Tuesday at 10.00am and don’t forget to subscribe to my blogs for more.




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