My Day At Trindledown Farm

Hello Everyone

Today I woke up this morning slightly stiff but completely happy and fulfilled because yesterday I volunteered all day at Trindledown Farm.

I arrived at my usual time of 10.30 am, signed in and checked with the staff to see if the rabbits were still at the farm and needed mucking out, this is normally my first job since the rabbits joined us a few months ago. As I entered the stables Puddy the black Shetland pony came out of her stable to greet me, she is so sweet she winnies all the while me and the staff are in the stable yard for attention and she loves a fuss being made of her. I spent time with her before attending to the rabbits, George and Oscar. When I entered the the rabbit run, Oscar ran round his pen like a lunatic and settled at my feet waiting to be made a fuss of and to see if I had any treats. I emptied trays and replenished bedding, water, swept the floor and groomed both rabbits, then I sat with them stroking their fur and watching them eat their snacks and play with their toys.

Just after midday I stopped for lunch and roamed around the farm watching the horses graze in the fields at the back of the stables and then I wandered to the front gates and watched the goats, Leo is a large goat who almost appears human at times, he sat in his house with two feet out watching the world go by as the other smaller goats got up to their usual antics, Maple squeezed between the back of one of the sheds and fence and looked surprised when she couldn’t move, the others grazed on grass until they saw me then they sauntered up the field to the gate and sniffed my hands looking for food, they soon wandered off when they realized I didn’t have anything.

After lunch I sat in with several of the cats and kept them company, cuddled and played with them and changed their litter trays whilst they jumped all over me trying to catch my attention. At 3.30pm I helped the staff feed the farm animals, afterwards I helped clear up, signed out and drove home feeling satisfied that I had made a difference to the animal’s life today.


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