Bluebell Summer Forest

Hello Everyone


Thanks for stopping by and reading the latest blog of a new painting I completed this year which will be part of my exhibition which is taking place on Saturday 22nd October and Sunday 23 October 11am – 3pm in the barn at Trindledown Farm at National Animal Welfare Trust to raise funds for them, and it is officially being opened by Councillor Quentin Webb on 22nd October at 11.00am.

For two years I have wanted to paint a bluebell wood scene during the summer time but other paintings were on the top of the list.  I visited numerous bluebell woods in and around Berkshire intending for each place to be the chosen scene to be painted later on in the year, because I sometimes paint out of season mainly to lift my spirits in the midst of a dreary English winter, but nothing captivated me.  I drove to West Berkshire still in search of the perfect scene and got side tracked by the breathtaking landscapes before me which were full of rich yellows and greens.  I took many pictures and felt a new wave of inspiration wash over me to just create something and I was thinking about creating a sunset scene. Back at home I looked over the pictures and decided to paint a rapeseed field in the sunset.  I set up my easel and  art materials  and mixed the various shades of yellows, golds and mauve and began painting, half way through I wasn’t feeling it, the paint applied was too thick, the wrong colour and dull, i threw it away and started again. Once again it didn’t turn out right.  I took it as a sign I should have opted to paint the bluebell wood scene , I took a deep breath and drew the outline of the woods, mixed various shades of greys, blues greens and browns for the trees, sky and grass, once the painting had been built up I mixed many shades of purple and mauve to paint in the bluebells which was my favourite part.  I am really pleased how it turned out and the clean fresh white frames enhance the all the colours and set the painting off nicely.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the story behind Bluebell Summer Forest, watch out for next week’s story.






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