Charity Art Exhibition Update

Hello Everyone
This weekend was really exciting because I held my charity Art Exhibition in the barn at Trindledown Farm at National Animal Welfare Trust in Great Shefford, West Berkshire.  It started off with the official opening by Councillor Quentin Webb at 11.00am on Saturday 22nd October and I made my first sale at 11.30am.  Everyone enjoyed  the various beautiful and tranquil scenes of Berkshire I had to offer from Dinton Pastures in Hurst to Spring Cottage, made more famous by the profumo affair that took place there in 1960’s.
Visitors also had the pleasure of seeing all the animals around the farm.   For those of you who are unaware I volunteer at the charity since February this year.  I did manage to help out in the barn on Sunday before people arrived, like changing the bins in the kitchen, emptying the washjng machine and putting the wet clothes into the tumble dryer and folding freshly clean and dry laundry.
We raised a lot of awareness for National Animal Welfare Trust in the part of Berkshire people are currently unawareit exists and it is my mission to bring more awareness and funds to them as the staff work tirelessly to look after all the domestic and farm animals, and believe me it is hard work especially in the winter fighting against the elements when Noel the donkey  doesn’t want to go in the same direction.
A big thank you to everyone who attended and supported us, click the link below and watch Quentin open the exhibition.

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