New Winter Scenes Of Sonning

Hello Everyone

I am starting to think about christmas for this year and how I am going to spend it, then there are presents to buy and wrap, but before that I need christmas cards to send to friends and family.  I looked back over the last two years photo collection of many scenes of Berkshire i have taken and I came across some winter scenes in Sonning.  Two years ago I stopped in Sonning on a beautiful frosty  winter morning on my way to work, and captured many stunning scenes of the village.  Tree branches,lawns and buildings were thick with ice and  everything glistened as the sun shone down  .   I have chosen them to be my new christmas card series for 2016. So far I have drawn out four scenes and today I began painting my first one which I am three quarters way through, the painting above  is a sneak peak of the collection.

Watch out for the next scene in the collection that I will give you the first glance of

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