New Painting Reveal From Latest Collection

Hello Everyone

Last week I mentioned I am painting new scenes of Sonning in Berkshire for my new collection of christmas cards this year.  On Thursday I began painting Sonning Bridge, I recently took the photograph because I accidentally deleted it when it was covered in thick frost, but it is ok that is what my imagination is for.

I mixed the colours for the sky, grass and water using white, cobalt blue and phthalo green, burnt umber and ultramarine blue remembered to erase the pencil lines first, otherwise they will not be able to be erased once the paint is down. I painted in the sky first and then I moved onto painting the grass and water from the bottom of the page up to the bridge.  I worked on the trees behind the bridge and mixed various colours to paint in the tunnels, and then I mixed various shades of flesh colour, burnt umber, cadmium red and white to create the brick colour and painted in the bridge, I added greys and whites to make  the bridge look more realistic.

I decided to paint the sky, grass and water  of two more scenes, but halfway through I realised I had mixed the colours too dark and applied them too thickly, I basically wasted three hours and a lot of paint which was a painful realisation, and I decided to pack up for the day.  They will be finished in 2 weeks and I cannot wait to share them with my customers.    I will be back in the studio all weekend to draw out the two scenes for a second time and start painting them. My intention is to also work on the other two but I will see how much time I have left.  You are the first to see this new painting above.  Watch out for the next blog and painting reveal, I post Tuesdays at 10:00am when there are no technical issues like there was last week and I ended up posting the blog in later that day, and don’t forget to subscribe for more stories.


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