Two New Complete Paintings From Sonning Collection

Hello Everyone

I have finished two painting’s in the new Sonning collection and I am halfway through the third painting of French Horn in Sonning and one of the cottages opposite which will hopefully be finished this weekend ready for the big reveal.  Last Saturday I painted in the boat in Grey which I mixed myself using ultramarine blue, white and burnt umber.  I then worked on the bridge, painting in the railings and defining the top and bottom of the bridge and the trees in the background.  I moved on to going over the reflection of the trees in the water and I felt satisfied it was complete and set it aside to dry.

I poured out white paint and applied another coat to the foreground of Sonning Bridge to give the grass the  appearance of being frosty and/or snowy, whichever way you want to interpret it, after all you viewers are the ones who finish my work off with your interpretations.   I covered the tree on the left with snow and worked into the willow Tree and it’s reflections in the water.studio_20161117_114828

This weekend I will be working on the last two painting’s,  as I mentioned earlier in the blog and I will share them with you next week.

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Love Joanne


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