My Year In Review

Hello Everyone

I cannot believe we are a few weeks away from being at the end of 2016, this year has gone by so fast and I am already planning my business goals for next year.   before the years starts I always look back at my achievements in my art business, and sometimes personal ones too, and this time I thought I would share them all with you.

At the beginning of the year I struggled with my health, it started 7 years ago after catching a viral cold and I was left with terrible nerve pain in my face, neck and head and a heaviness in the top right of my back which triggered my neck  to swell and I would feel dizzy and sometimes get vertigo, this in turn gave me peculiar sensations in my stomach and entire body which resulted in not being able to eat properly. I was determined to find a cure, or some type of treatment which would give me better relief than just taking pills at night.  I came across a local acupuncturist who over a period of 4 months restored me back to normality and I am able to eat well and function normally, I count this as a massive achievement.  I applied to be a volunteer at an animal charity, a dream I have always wanted and never found the opportunity to do until February this year,  it has brought me so much joy and fulfillment having direct contact with all farm and domestic animals I help look after, and in all weathers, later on this year I organised my own art exhibition in the barn of the charity to bring more awareness of the charity and raise funds for it, the Councillor of West Berkshire opened it and bought a painting.  The exhibition was advertised in my local paper and three days later my local radio station rang me up and asked me in for an interview, of course I obliged, it was a very proud moment, as a result of the press I have sold more prints and original paintings, and it has inspired me to create more work which I finished in November.  It has been a fantastic year for reaching major goals and I am so excited for next year to achieve even greater goals in my business and personal life.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and see you next week






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